INTEGRITY: We connect our interest with our customer, thereby reaching an understanding on how to serve them better.

RELENTLESSNESS: Until the last home is lighted up and protected.

SELFLESSNESS: We are not just in business, humanity is also our concern. We strive to make positive impact. Think solar Energy today, contact us.


To become global leaders in providing high quality and cost effective complete renewable energy and security systems solutions to end users.


To provide a safe and comfortable environment for people.


Take control of your future with leading surveillance and safety equipment. We make it easy to manage, end to end that have undergone rigorous interoperability testing and certification so you can focus on your safety and security, rather than the technology that enables it.


Simple is as simple does. Our setup requires few people and even fewer steps to manage. We make it simple to manage petabytes of data and automate file storage. Security professionals with limited IT capabilities can take command and manage our systems effortlessly and effectively.


Upgrade to new technology? Doubling retention time? Increasing camera count and resolution? You get the idea all of these take more storage, and it needs to be added quickly and painlessly as possible. We keep pace with your growing file data storage needs with no downtime or disruption of activities.


We offer the industry’s level of end to end data protection. Our standard self encryption drives help to quadruple failure protection; all visual assets are protected, or malicious alteration deletion of critical data.


It is not only about reviewing massive amounts of stored video assets, it is also about analyzing them to improve processes, increase security and streamline operations. Our integrations help deploy analytics faster and broader, generating actionable intelligence to make better decisions without delay


You are in a good company

We have served 100’s of markets and customers, including Governments, healthcare, retail, banking, maritime, hotels, event centers, religious organization and more. Reap the benefits of utilizing our collective knowledge from serving these clients.


We adapt long term service preventive and after sales management measure.

Expert Consultation

Make the right choice when making plans for safety and security. Our experts are well trained to help you with selection, placements, system design, installation, troubleshooting on job and more.

Proven solutions

Our high-quality surveillance and security solutions are backed by aggressive warranties and iron-clad guarantees.


We are involved in high research, consultation and implementation with consultants, technicians and foreign principals.

Solution Design and Customization

A site survey and thorough needs assessment is the starting point for a successful system design. We customized solutions and oversee every aspect of a seamless system installation from start to finish.